22 mm ½ Inch x 20 – DIAMOND PLUS™ wet – dry holesaws

Diamond grit edge drills and holesaws have been specially developed for professionals that need to drill in extremely hard materials such as porcelain/gres/quarry tiles, cast iron or fibreglass where it is increasingly difficult to drill with conventional holesaws. These holesaws guarantee excellent performance and superior life time even in the hardest of materials.
Water starved: These holesaws only require limited water supply unlike conventional diamond drills that require a continuous flow of water. Just dip the drill bit or holesaw into water at the start of each hole to be cut and thereafter every 5 second cut duration.
Clean holes: Drills clean, precise holes without any perimeter scratches.
Lifetime: To ensure long lifetime, we use high grade diamond for fast cutting and a superior brazed bond matrix to give best durability.
Durability: Tough alloy body which does not bend or distort easily.
Easy slug ejection: Offset slug ejection slots for greater leverage when removing tight slugs.
Versatile: Can be used either on angle grinders with relevant adaptor or with a drill.
How to use on an angle grinder:
1. Screw the grinder adaptor M14 to the holesaw and tighten firmly with a spanner. Then apply the spindle lock on the angle grinder and fit the adaptor directly onto the spindle; tighten firmly with a spanner.
2. If the tile is not fitted to a wall or floor ensure it is secured firmly with a clamp.
3. Dip the holesaw tips into water.
4. Switch on angle grinder to full speed. Slowly approach the tile with the holesaw at a 20-30° angle with light pressure to avoid skating on the tile. Once the holesaw starts to cut into the tile and forms a groove, gradually raise the holesaw so that it is horizontal with the tile.
5. Every 5 seconds dip the holesaw in water.
6. Apply light pressure and an oscillating circular motion during cutting to maximise tool life.

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