IAD Set – 4 pcs – Impact rated wood auger bit sets

Suitable for use with all types of corded / cordless drills including impact wrenches.
Drilling with an impact wrench enables drilling holes with less effort, one hand drilling, drilling up a ladder and above head height with less risk of injury from the tool clutching out.
Special zone hardening process ensures an extra hard shank, durable tip and perfectly flexible bit body.
New Milwaukee® Through-Center head geometry with the lead cutting edge lines up with the center of the feed screw.
This ensures efficient chip removal and allows for continuous feeding.
20° rake angle of the lead cutting edge creates a path for easy chip ejection.
Polished and powder coated flute design produces a non-stick surface for increased chip ejection, reduced chip clogging and higher selfeeding capability.
Milling marks are removed in the finishing process, creating a smooth surface.
Lewis flute with large, wide throat design for rapid chip removal.
Sharp ground cutting lips for smooth clean holes.
Resharpenable cutting lips.
With ˝ shank. To fit square drive ½˝ impact wrenches the adaptor 48660061 is required.
Suitable for hard & soft wood, wet & treated wood, plywood, chipboard, WPC (wood plastic composite), laminated beams and panels, exotic and hard woods e.g. bongossi, iroko, teak, beech, oak, etc.

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