Fine Point Marker with Stylus – 1 pc – INKZALL™ marker with stylus

Stays sharp, doesn’t mushroom or push back under pressure.
Acrylic nib ideal for rough surfaces such as OSB and concrete.
Marker continues to write after 72+ hours of cap off time.
For use with gloves on iPads, iPhones, tablets, and touch phones.
For use on concrete, wood, metal, plywood, OSB, plastic.
Can be used on wet, oily, dusty, rusty, with debris surfaces.
Quick dry time – reduced smearing markings on PVC, metal surfaces.
Thin body for use in restricted areas.
Helmet clip – can be clipped to the construction site cap, trousers, overalls.
Easy open cap for one hand operation.
Lanyard Hole, e.g. to attach the pen to the touch screen device.
Anti-Roll design – won’t roll off surfaces.

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