M18 HUCT-202B – M18™ FORCE LOGIC™ hydraulic utility crimper

FORCE LOGIC™ hydraulic utility crimping tool crimps connectors in less than 3 seconds with 53 kN of force
Milwaukee® designed and built brushless POWERSTATE™ motor delivers up to 4x more motor life
Best balanced tool and easiest control due to one hand operation
Compact in-line and slim jaw design with 350° rotatable head allows easy crimps, even in narrow spaces
2 in 1 solution: Crimping jaw can be exchanged for an ACSR or CU/AL cable cutting jaw
PFM™ (Predictive Force Monitoring): Automatically modifies output based on connector, ensuring optimal pressure every time and visualises with a green light
Jaw with universal die reception to fit most common W Style dies and stadard BG crimping groove
Tool records & stores every crimp made. ONE-KEY™ enabled for professional report buildings via ONE-KEY™ adaptor or ONE-KEY™ app
ONE-KEY™ tool tracking & security offers a cloud-based inventory management platform that supports both location tracking and theft prevention
FORCE LOGIC™ long life reliability: Industry-leading 30,000 cycles between calibration inspections – The tool will continue to work after reaching 30,000 cycles
Sealed electronics resist harsh environments with dirt, dust and moisture
Battery-tool communication: crimp operation doesn’t start to prevent incomplete crimping in case of low charged battery
REDLINK™ individual battery cell monitoring optimises tool run time and ensures long term pack durability

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