2.50 x 43 – 10 pcs – HSS-G metal drill bits – double ended

Drill bit quality: High quality high speed steel.
Tip geometry: Split Point DIN 1412 C. Point angle: 135° Tolerance: h8.
Flute / Helix angle: Type N flute and normal 20 – 30° angle.
Right hand cutting edge. Surface / Colour: Polished silver.
Split point tip for good centering.
Both ends can be used.
Due to its short length it can be used with higher feed pressure without the risk of breakage.
Excellent concentricity.
Polished type N flute with right hand cutting edge, eliminates binding for faster chip removal and faster cutting with less effort.
Application: Suitable drilling in steel, non-ferrous metals and plastic.
Most suitable for thin sheet materials, e.g. rivet holes.

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