SDS-Plus MX4 Set – 5 pcs – SDS-Plus MX4 drill bits – 4 cut – sets

Symmetrical 4 cutter geometry (4×90°). Perfect round holes for optimal anchor fitting.
4 flute geometry: The high volume 4 flute geometry ensures the optimum removal of dust and debris.
Centering tip for easy spot drilling with pinpoint accuracy.
Welded solid carbide tip on ø 5-10 mm: Allows for wider flute entrance leading to increased speed. More carbide leads to a higher durability of the tip and higher lifetime.
4 breaker points pulverize material more efficiently for faster drilling.
Enhanced rebar guards for an improved resistance when hitting rebar.
New variable flute design: Thin flute at the tip for maximum debris extraction, higher speed and less friciton. Thick flute at the base for higher stability and reduced bit breakage. Up to 20% more holes per battery charge vs 4 cutter drill bit in concrete and vs. previous generatio.
Made in Germany.

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