TB 15 MC + TBM-SR – 1 pc – 100% Titanium TiBone™ hammers

Strongest handle: All titanium one piece frame. 200% stronger than wood.
Longer lifetime: Replaceable faces instead of replacing the complete hammer.
Pulls nails easier: Patented 180° side nail puller.
Magnetic nail starter: Helps to start nails in difficult to reach places.
Since 1849 Stiletto® tools has been renowned worldwide from premium quality professional tools. Stiletto® was the first company to introduce Titanium hammers, the product line of today combines the latest technology in materials, design and balance to give professional users extra power, effortless striking and overall higher productivity.
Hitting power: Titanium delivers 97% of the swing energy to the nail.
Durability: More flexible and fracture resistant than steel. Accepts harder impacts without distorting the overall shape of the hammer. One-piece design – strength built in from the head right through to the handle providing for best stability.
Rust resistant: Hammers are predominantly used outdoors. Titanium is 100% corrosion resistant.
Less fatigue: Titanium weighs 45% less than steel. Titanium has the highest strength to weight ratio of any metal. Less weight allows one to swing the hammer faster creating greater head speed resulting in more power. Titanium hammers drive 30% more nails with the same effort. Light hammer can be swung faster, it puts less strain on the body without compromising work efficiency.
Less arm pain and vibration: Titanium provides 10 times greater dampening of harmful recoil shock vibrations compared to steel. Excessive hammer use can cause long term damage to the arm.
More productivity: Drives up to 30% more nails with the same effort.

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